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About the Ranch

History:  Shiraz Ranch, LLC is a California Limited Liability Company created by four partners in 2002.  Partners, Iranian/Americans, who immigrated to America over 30 years ago, all share a passion and love for farming.  Three of them are engineers by discipline and one agricultural scientist, whose attention to detail and perfection have contributed to state of the art orchards and production.  They chose the name “Shiraz” to elicit memory of the beautiful ancient Persian city of Shiraz, which is famous for its mild climate, fragrant flowers, best tasting vine grapes, and the birth place of famous twelfth-century Persian poets, Hafez and Saadi.



From left to right, Max Saiidna, Fred Ezazi, Sean Fard, Barat Bisabri

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Shiraz Ranch - Westley:

In 2003, Shiraz Ranch purchased 250 acres of land in Westley, California.  Sixty acres of the land was already a mature almond orchard and the remaining land was planted with new almonds.  Like the Newman Ranch, two canals are running through the orchard, and the irrigation water is supplied from the water district.  All irrigation is automatic micro sprinkler system.

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Shiraz Ranch - Newman:

Shiraz Ranch initially purchased 283 acres of citrus producing orchards

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in Newman, and since then it has purchased and farmed more acreage (currently 535 acres).  The original orchard was established by a physician, Dr. Freeman, who was in love with faming and spent most of the latter part of his life developing Newman citrus ranch.  Arthur Navarro, the current manager of Newman Ranch, worked for Dr. Freeman from the onset.

The Newman orchard is the single largest Satsuma producing orchard in California.  Two canals (California Aqueduct and Delta Mandota Canal) run through the Orchard, moderating the climate and source of water that originated in the Sierra Mountain range.

Due to its distance from other citrus producing orchards, it is immune to cross pollination and the Mandarin fruits remain seedless.

The quality of citrus fruits, due to factors described, is superb and has gained praise from customers (see testimonial).



Shiraz Ranch - Esparto:

In 2004, Shiraz Ranch obtained 480 acres of prime land (Class 1 and Class 2 soils) in Esparto, CA (near Woodland, CA) and converted the row crop land to state of the art orchards.  Irrigation of the land is through Yolo County water district.  Additionally, a deep well, producing about 1600-2000 gallons of water/minute was established, which will supplement district water in years when water usage may be restricted by district due to possible drought conditions.  The new orchard is served by modern microjet sprinkler system, new filtering system and advanced radio controlled water management system.

320 acres of orchard is planted with almond (Nonpareil, Monterey, Bute and Padre varieties), the balance 160 acres is planted with super high-density olive (Arbequina variety).

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New Olive 

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New Almond

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